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UHV "MultiProbe S" system by Omicron™ Nanotechnolgy
Our STM system consists of two UHV chambers (STM chamber and analyzing chamber) connected with load lock through the gate valve, allowing transferring the sample between them without breaking the UHV conditions. Background pressure in the STM chamber and analyzing chamber is better than 5x10-11 Torr. STM unit consists of the Sony-tripod type scanning head controlled by Omicron electronics and it is designed to work at room temperature. Thermal treatment of the sample can be realized in the analyzing chamber connected directly to the main chamber. Analyzing chamber can be also optionally equipped with various evaporators (solid- and gas-source types) and with additional instruments such as sputtering gun, LEED, AES analyzer. Within the framework of UHV study of impurity atoms on A3B5 semiconductors surface with LEED and STM we constructed the new cleavage device based on the shock mechanism for UHV cleavage of crystal specimens.

RT UHV Scanning Tunneling Microscope
The legendary UHV STM 1 is the first STM developed by Omicron and started Omicron's position as the worldwide market leader in UHV scanning probe microscopy. More than a hundred instruments have been successfully installed. Constantly improved over the years, the STM 1 still sets the highest quality standard and delivers state-of-the-art resolution at today's measurement scale.

Main features of the STM are:
  • Scanning area: 1.2x1.2 mkm2
  • Tunneling current: 0.01 – 50 nA
  • Bias voltage: 0 – 10 V
  • Vertical resolution: 0.001 nm
  • Horizontal resolution: 0.02 nm
  • Scanning rate: 20 – 5000 nm/s

UHV Gas Analyzer (Extorr XT series)
The Extorr XT Series instruments are quadrupole residual gas analyzers which also include an enhanced Pirani gauge as well as a hot cathode ion gauge. The Pirani gauge makes vacuum measurements based on thermal conductivity of the gas environment. The ion gauge uses electron impact ionization of residual gases to measure ion currents related to pressure. The quadrupole gas analyzer uses precision mechanics and electronics to measure ion currents due to the partial pressures of the residual gases in the vacuum chamber. The Pirani starts operation at atmospheric pressure, the ion gauge at a nominal 10-2 torr and the quadrupole starts at a nominal 10-4 torr pressure. The ion gauge will measure total pressures to its x-ray limit of 2x10-9 torr and the quadrupole can measure partial pressures well below 10-11 torr.

UHV Riber Surface analyzer system
The UHV Riber surface analyzer system allows to analyzer the samples surface by means of low energy diffraction and Auger spectroscopy methods. The base pressure in UHV system is 1x10-10 Torr. The quadrupole gas analyzer measures ion currents due to the partial pressures of the residual gases in the vacuum chamber. Cleaning of sample surface can be realized either by indirect heating or by ion bombarding. UHV system can be also optionally equipped with various evaporators to perform thin film growth on the samples surface.

Multi-Purpose Scanning Neaf-Field Optical Microscop (SPM Lab. Russia)
Both scanning by probe and scanning by sample SNOM modes are available by means of this setup. Ten optical configurations may be used for investigation both transparent and opaque samples in illumination modes (i-modes), collection modes (c-modes) and combined (both illumination and collection by sub-wavelength aperture) mode are available.

Scanning by probe head:
  • Piezo-actuator type: single tube.
  • Scanning area: 30x30x3 mkm3.
  • Shear force sensor: quartz 32 kHz tunning fork.
  • Shear force resolution: 0.3 nm.
  • Force sensitivity: 0.4 nN.
Optical configurations of probe scanning head:
  • Photon scanning tunneling microscopy configuration
  • Ttransmission light c-mode configuration
  • Ttransmission light i-mode configuration
  • Reflection light c/i-mode configuration

Scanning by sample head:
  • Piezo-actuator type: original plane bimorph three-dimensional frame.
  • Scanning area: 50x50x6 mkm3.
  • Shear force sensor: quartz 32 kHz tunning fork.
  • Shear force resolution: 1.0 nm.
  • Force sensitivity: 0.4 nN.
Optical configurations of sample scanning head
  • Transmission light i/c-mode configuration
  • Reflection light i/c-mode configuration
  • Reflection light combined mode configuration (illumination and collection by aperture probe)

Atomic Force Microscope - SOLVER P47H-PRO (NT-MDT Russia)
The SOLVER P47H-PRO SPM is a universal tool for the complex research of different objects in air, liquid and controlled gas environments with sample heating up to 130°C. Scanning-by-sample scheme realized in the microscope provides the highest resolution in the class. Time-proven technical solutions are the base for high reliability and measurement accuracy. The construction makes the work with the system pleasant and easy. It can be used for routine measurements in small companies and university laboratories as well as in big research centers.
Measuring modes
* In air: Contact AFM/ LFM/Semicontact AFM/Noncontact AFM/ Phase Imaging/ Force Modulation mode/ Spreading Resistance Imaging/ MFM/ EFM/ SCM/ SKM/ Adhesion Force Imaging/ AFM (Force + Voltage) Lithography.
  • Materials Science
  • Nanomanipulation
  • Nanolithography
  • Semiconductors
  • Spectroscopy
  • Optical and Magnetic Storage Development
  • Thin Films
  • Medicine and Biology
  • Polymers

LT STM fot cryostat

LT STM fot trasport He vessel

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